The Salvation Army
Ottawa Grace Manor


Laundry services are provided for all residents, with the exception of dry cleaning and other specialized cleaning services. Housekeeping staff wash and label personal clothing at no extra cost. All residents clothing must be labelled upon admission and whenever new clothing is purchased by residents or family.

Each resident home area has a laundry room equipped with a commercial washer, dryer, laundry sink and an automated laundry soap dispensing system. Residents and families are welcome to make use of these facilities to enhance a “homelike” and familiar experience for the residents and to meet any special laundering requirements they may have.

Ironing boards and irons are available for use by families, as well as by residents under supervision.

All bed sheets and linens (towels, etc.) are sent out to be laundered; Ottawa Grace Manor has contracted services with an external linen provider.

The common areas of the Manor (i.e. dining rooms, hallways, and lounge areas) are air conditioned.

While our philosophy is to encourage residents to do as much for themselves as they are able, housekeeping of residents rooms is provided by housekeeping services, with some assistance by nursing staff. Assistance is provided to residents and families upon admission to ensure the room is set up in such a manner to enhance a home like environment for our residents.