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Ottawa Grace Manor



Available externally to all residents as needed, arrangements can be made through the Registered Nursing Staff on each home area.

Optometry, Optician Services

Available in-house to all residents as needed, arrangements can be made through the Registered Nursing Staff on each home area.

Dental Services

In-house dental services are available at an additional cost; residents are not required to leave the Manor for dental care. Arrangements can be made through the Registered Nursing Staff.

Family and Friends Council

The Family and Friends Council meets as a supportive group, for educational sessions, to discuss pertinent issues related to Ottawa Grace Manor, and to recommend improvements. All family members/representatives are welcome.

For more information, please email

Advanced Foot Care Services

Basic foot care services are provided by Grace manor staff at no additional charge. A foot care nurse visits the Manor on a regular basis for advanced foot care needs and can be accessed through the Registered Nursing Staff. There is an extra fee for this service.

Classic Care Pharmacy

The Ottawa Grace Manor contracts pharmaceutical needs though Classic Care Pharmacy. All residents are required to use the pharmacy contracted by the Manor. Residents are responsible for payment of medications that are not covered by OHIP, nor the resident’s private insurance plan.

Social Work

The Resident Care Coordinator facilitates pre-admissions, tours, admissions, transfers, and discharges from the Manor.
Counseling, referral, and advocacy services are available to residents and caregivers in dealing with: placement questions, supportive service needs, designating a Power of Attorney, Advanced Health Care Directive information, grief and/or adjustment issues/concerns.


Physiotherapy is provided in the manor by a contracted service. There is no fee for this service for residents who qualify.

Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy Services for assistive devices are provided by a contracted service. Residents pay the service provider directly as it is an uninsured service.


Grace Manor has a hairdressing service on site. Appointments can be made directly with the hairdresser. There is an additional cost for this service.